Ex Large Pipe Wrap
5.00" W x 7' L,
4" to 12" Pipe
$18.85 ea
Large Pipe Wrap
3.88" W x 6' L,
3" to 10" Pipe
$13.70 ea
Medium Pipe Wrap
3.88" W x 4' L,
3" to 6" Pipe
$12.76 ea
Regulator to Hose
UL Listed
Hose to Hose
Hose to Torch
Acetylene Torch Plug
Oxygen Torch Plug
Koike gas couplings assure good line connections; easy click-in,
click-out design and good reverse-flow prevention.

Each gas coupler is designed for heavy duty use in industries
such as Ship Building, Steel Service Centers, Construction,
Metal Fabrication, Schools and Demolition.
Curv-O-Mark® Centering Heads
aid in the setting of centerlines,
establishing angles and marks for
butt-ins, locating points inside
pipes and tanks, laying out keyways
and measuring declivity
•The Jumbo Centering Head is for
pipes with 1inch diameter and up. It
has an 8inch Y-type head and an
adjustable dial bubble protractor
(DSL). A spring loaded hardened
centering pin eliminates the need
for a hammer. Just make the
alignment and press the trigger!
H&M Pipe Beveling Quick-Acting
Flange Pins

With H & M's Quick-Acting Flange Pins
welding occurs in minutes with very
little fit-up time.
Just tilt the knob to bypass the flange
pin threads, then straighten the knob
to grip the threads for tight, positive
Removal is just as quick and easy.
Loosen the knob, tilt it and remove.
Endless threading and unthreading of
the flange pins have been eliminated.
H & M's precision, conical flange pins
provide perfect centering on 5/8" to 1
1/2" bolt holes.

GAUGE SET Gauge is rust-proof
and bend proof Die blanked to
eliminate sharp edges and add to
accuracy Permanently etched and
black filled lettering for long life
Gauge Size: 22 gauge Size: 1/8 in
[Min], 1 in [Max] Body Material:
Lincoln T300
Stinger V Holder