Fit-Up Pro 1222 6-14″ Quick-Fit PDQ Clamp


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Pipe welding clamp 6 – 14″ OD

This classic design high-low alignment clamp has been in used worldwide
for years.
With a durable, yet cost effective fabricated design, the PDQ pipe clamps fit
up to 14″ pipe and are available in three sizes.
Working on stainless steel?

The new Quick-Fit PDQ pipe clamps can be used on stainless steel without
any additional accessories due to the stainless steel feet and balls in the wing-nuts, preventing contamination of the pipe.


Durable ACME-thread design used for years in the field.
Lightweight design is great for overhead work.
With stainless steel contact points standard, the PDQ clamp is
ready for exotic pipe fabrication out of the box.

Great for most types of fit-ups. Pipe to pipe, pipe to elbow
and pipe to flange amongst others.

The most cost effective yet durable high-low fit-up clamp on
the market.