50 ft FlexWhip #2 Welding Cable




(1) Pre-cut 50′ piece of #2 Kalas Flexwhip Orange Whip Cable

Kalas brand orange FlexWhip has highly flexible stranded No. 34 bare copper conductor insulated with a high grade RoHS compliant EPDM. A paper separator is utilized to enhance stripability. Maximum conductor operating temperature is 105°C in circuits not exceeding 600 Volts. Minimum temperature rating is -50°C. Class M stranding.


  • Highly flexible stranded No. 34 bare copper
Voltage Rating
  • 600 V
Resistance Properties
  • Resistant to battery acid, diesel fuel, engine coolant, engine oil, ethanol, extreme temperatures, flame, gasoline, power-steering fluid, and transmission fluid
Temperature Range
  • -50°C (-58°F) to 105°C (221°F)


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