K4590-XL Introductory Education Welding Gear Ready-Pak – XLarge



Includes 12 separate PPE, tool or accessory products for Stick/MIG welding and oxyfuel cutting


VIKING® 1740 Series Welding Helmet

Flame Retardant Cotton Welding Jacket

The introductory education welding gear ready pak comes with a Flame Retardant (FR) Welding Jacket which ANSI D6413 compliance. The lightweight, comfortable jacket is recommended for low to medium amperage welding.

Welders BackpackThe Welders All-In-One Backpack is a versatile storage solution for all types of welders and fabricators. The unique design allows for easy-to-access storage of personal protective equipment, tools and consumables with separate capacity for a laptop and textbooks.

Clear & Shade 5 IR Eye ProtectionFor UV and impact protection, the introductory education gear pak includes ANSI 87.1 compliant clear safety glasses. Additionally, the package also includes a separate pair of shade 5 infrared (IR) safety glasses for use in oxyfuel or low amperage plasma cutting applications.

Essential Welding ToolsThe intro education welding gear package includes a chipping hammer and wire brush which are needed for stick welding, welding pliers for MIG or Flux Core and a soapstone for general purpose use. Also includes a fillet gauge to measure weld size, an essential tool for training.


  • Includes 12 separate PPE, tool or accessory products for Stick/MIG welding and oxyfuel cutting
  • 1740 Series Auto-darkening Welding Helmet reduces training time and increases productivity
  • Flame Retardant Cotton Jacket provides lightweight, comfortable upper body protection
  • Welders Backpack improves storage organization, capacity and comfort
  • Includes essential tools for Stick, MIG and Flux-Core welding processes


What’s Included

  • K3282-3 – VIKING® 1740 Black Welding Helmet
  • K2985-XL – Traditional FR Cloth Jacket – Black
  • K2979-ALL – Traditional Stick/MIG Welding Gloves
  • K2994-XL – Welding FR Beanie
  • K3104-1 – Traditional Clear Safety Glasses
  • K2967-1 – Shade 5 IR Safety Glasses
  • K4022-1 – Chipping Hammer
  • K4014-1 – Welding Pliers
  • K3184-1 – 3 x 19 Row Carbon Steel Wire Brush
  • K3725-1 – Flat Soapstone Holder
  • K3720-1 – Fillet Gauge
  • K3740-1 – Welders All-In-One Backpack



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Jackets SizeXLarge

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