KP2744 Tapered Contact Tip




  • Copper Plus – Larger diameter allows for increased copper content in each contact tip. The added copper disperses heat and keeps the tip cooler, longer.
  • Anti-Seize Threading – The thread on Magnum Pro contact tips are designed to prevent the tip from melting, fusing, and seizing in the diffuser.
  • Complete Product Portfolio – Magnum PRO Copper Plus contact tips come in all shapes and sizes. There are options for any application and configuration.
  • .023-.045″ Wire Diameter
  • Fits Magnum Pro 100L, 175L, 250L, 350A, Pro Curve 200, 300, & 400

*Lincoln OEM Part*

P/N: KP2744-025T, KP2744-030T, KP2744-035T, KP2744-045T