Lenco LPG-500 Ground Clamp 02031



Lenco brand ground clamps are Made in USA and have the largest contact area with the work of any clamp on the market. Serrated upper and lower jaws insure maximum bite to the work. A good ground clamp helps assure proper voltage for maximum weld results with all rods.

  • Excellent for clamping to bar stock, piping, or various shapes of metal
  • Both upper and lower jaws are made from a high copper alloy assuring excellent current carrying ability
  • The insulated heavy duty spring assures a powerful bite on the work
  • LENCO ground clamps have the oval-point screw cable connection which is easy to install, no shim stock or pressure plate is needed
  • 500 amp capacity
  • 3/0 – 4/0 cable capacity
  • 2″ jaw opening  38 oz weight
  • P/N: 02031 LPG500