Profax 079594 V Groove Drive Roll Kit .030″



Profax brand 2 roll “V” groove drive kits will fit the following Miller brand machines:

8VS, 12VS, Extreme 12VS, S22A, S22P, S32S, S32P, S42GL, S52, D52, Millermatic 200, 250, 251, 252, 250MP, 250X, and Vintage, Portamig, Automatic Drives A1-2, A2-2 & A1D-2, Swingarc Single, Dual, Swingarc Digital 1 & 2. (Note: D52, Swingarc Dual & Swingarc Digital 2 require two kits)

For .030″ solid wire size

Kit consists of two drive rolls and one inlet guide