Shurlite Replacement 3 Flint Renewals



  • GC Fuller brand replacement flints for the 3 flint strikers (1 to a pack)
  • Made In USA
  • Replaceable Flint
  • Guaranteed to work every time

SHURLITE #5003X renewal flint refills are economically priced and designed for any of the SHURLITE family of three flint lighters; the #5011, #5021, #4501 or #4501B. In fact these replacement flints are guaranteed to fit perfectly on any SHURLITE three flint lighter and should fit on competitive products as well.

The flints themselves are guaranteed to remain seated in the triangular flint holder and are larger than competitive products for longer life.

Like all SHURLITE products, these flint renewals are made in America by proud American workers.


Shurlite 3 Flint Striker