Tillman 750 Gloves


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The Tillman ElkSkin Welding Glove is the most popular glove for pipeline stick welding applications. The 750 is great for withstanding the high heat from stick welding applications. Made of supple ElkSkin, the 750 resists cracking, stiffening, and maintains the soft feeling in hot environments while protecting hands. The welted fingers contain an extra leather layer between fingers for added spark resistance and durability. A reinforced thumb gives you the great gripping power needed for heavy-duty welding. A foam lined back provides additional protection from heat and flame protection while providing the dexterity needed.


  • Pearl premium Elkskin stays soft even when hot.
  • 14” length.
  • Welted fingers protect stitching.
  • Reinforced thumb.
  • Foam-lined back for added heat protection, unlined palm for enhanced dexterity.
  • Locked stitched with Kevlar® thread for added strength.

P/N: 750L 750XL