Ultraflex #2 Welding Cable (per foot)


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Direct’s Ultra-Flex® commercial welding cable has been completely re-engineered with improved stranding and jacketing for superior flexibility and ease-of-movement within high-flex applications, including pipelines, robotics, and constrained areas. Ultra-Flex meets SAE J1127 standards, is RoHS compliant, and manufactured in the USA.


  • Rope-lay, bunch-stranded, ultra flexible 34 or 36 AWG SAE copper conductor
Voltage Rating
  • 600 V
Insulation & Jacket
  • Jacketed with TPE compound
  • Signature vibrant orange jacket with deep black striping
Resistance Properties
  • Resistant to battery acid, diesel fuel, engine coolant, engine oil, ethanol, extreme temperatures, flame, gasoline, power-steering fluid, and transmission fluid
Temperature Range
  • -50°C (-58°F) to 105°C (221°F)
AWG Size
Stranding Gauge
Conductor Stranding
Wall Thickness
Outside Diameter
Cable Weight
(per 1,000′)
#236 GA2.548.0601.52.42810.87240109
#136 GA3,136.0802.03.49812.65311141
1 / 034 GA3,969.0802.03.53313.54383174
2 / 034 GA4,949.0802.03.58814.94464210