Victor CA2460+ Heavy Duty Cutting Attachment



The patented Plus Series CA 2460+ second generation, heavy-duty, high capacity welding handle and cutting attachment improve on the original models from input by talented and insightful craftsmen who use our tools daily. The new CA 2460+ improves flow, connectivity, durability, and reparability for superior ease of use.


  • Improved head durability, preheat control valve flow and reduced user fatigue due to improved balance
  • Improved access and reparability of mixer with single nut removal
  • Superior cutting oxygen valve with improved feathering/ease-on control
  • No wrench flats on connection nut indicates hand tightening only for safer operation
  • Internal connection snap ring prevents coupling nut sliding and exposure to o-rings for reduced damage
  • Uses standard 1-101 series torch tips
  • Suitable for Oxygen and all standard welding, heating and cutting fuel gases including acetylene
  • 10″ length
  • Compatible with 315FC & 315FC+ welding handle

p/n 0381-1928