Victor Edge 2.0 Oxygen & Acetylene Regulator



Limited time price includes one of each oxygen and acetylene regulator!

ESS42-150-540 & ESS42-150-510LF

• EDGE 2.0’s stainless steel diaphragm has been tested to 50,000 endurance cycles – five times the industry standard – to ensure maximum lifespan.
• Expect a consistent flow over a wide range of cylinder pressures from EDGE 2.0.
• The knob on EDGE 2.0 is supported by SLAM™ (Shock Limitation and Absorption Mechanism) technology that protects the regulator with a three-stage crumple system.
• The outlet points down on EDGE 2.0, out the rear of the regulator – a safer placement because it shifts the hose-related hazards away from the user.
• Two elements – the primary particle trap and the secondary diffuser – minimize the amount of contaminant energy that reaches the seat, reducing the chance of an explosion or a fire.

Victor EDGE Series 2.0 patented regulators are second generation, heavy-duty, high capacity single stage cylinder regulators that reset the standard for industrial regulators. Improved gauge designs incorporate larger faced delivery gauge (low pressure) with high contrasted colored face for easy setting. Enhanced color-coded knob designs provide more comfortable operations. Fully enclosed, highly visible modular gauges for more clarity with robust metal gauge guard. Extra large 2 ½ in. delivery gauge and stainless steel diaphragm. Robust seat gives optimum performance. Consistent pressure and flow delivery. High resistance to oxygen related fires and SLAM knob absorbs impact in the event of a cylinder fall.

Oxygen regulator has CGA 540 standard fitting. Acetylene regulator has CGA 510 male reverse thread fitting.